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About Us

Healthcare System Impact Syndicate Africa (ACSIS) is a non-profit non-governmental organization that focuses on bringing quality health care to the most vulnerable population through innovation, community engagement and behavioral change, and service delivery and system strengthening. ACSIS believes, advocates, and implements the principle, "Less than Quality Healthcare is No Healthcare.”


Introduce innovative care design through iterative guided practice, continuous learning and policity impact research at all level of the health system to coproduce health and confidence in healthcare across Africa.


Leading Africa into a future of quality healthcare for all through innovation, person centered design and co-production



At ACSIS, we value contribution. Contribution to care. Contribution to heal.

Team work

At ACSIS, 'I' serves 'We'


At ACSIS, we believe that problems we face today require the solutions of tomorrow, not yesterday


At ACSIS, we work for the people


At ACSIS, we work to contribute to a world where the wishes and aspirations of individuals are celebrated

Cultural Sensitivity

At ACSIS, we respect the religious and cultural norms of communities. We work to improve not to replace heir ways of life.

Our Services

Our organization specializes in providing a wide range of services aimed at enhancing healthcare systems. We offer comprehensive training, technical assistance, and consultation in four key areas:


We focus on health as a product through instructional design, providing training in soft skills such as leadership and communication, as well as hard skill training to empower healthcare professionals.

Design and re-design

Our expertise lies in service delivery design and system engineering. We assist in optimizing the design of healthcare services, including patient flow design, to improve efficiency and patient experience.


We are dedicated to empowering leaderships and the community as a whole. Through our production and co-production initiatives, we foster collaboration and engagement, promoting effective decision-making and sustainable healthcare practices.

Knowledge synthesis

We work towards enhancing projects and research through the application of various methodologies. By synthesizing knowledge and evidence, we strive to influence policy-making at the local, national, and international levels, ultimately aiming to improve healthcare outcomes

Our Numbers In 2022/2023

Program Sites

Health Facilities where Operative Delivery Services Initiated

Health Professionals Trained on COPMOD Concept and QI Tools

Health Professionals Trained on SPOUS

Health Professionals Trained on Structured Communication and Collaborative Care Management

Cervical Cancer Screening Services Supported


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