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Towards person-centered Maternal care: A case in point from Afar
Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Meet Sr. Hasena Abdo, the PHCU Director of Afar Werer Health Center, who is making a difference in the lives of mothers in her community. During a recent leadership training, Sr. Hasena shed light on the challenges faced by mothers in the region.

In the past, mothers would come to the health center alone for their ANC visits and even during labor, lacking crucial support during this important phase of their lives. It was a time filled with sadness and anxiety for many.

But thanks to the collaborative efforts of the health center and the woredas health post, a remarkable change has taken place. A program was developed to identify pregnant mothers early on and educate them about the significance of social support.

At ACSIS, we strongly believe in the importance of collaboration within the primary healthcare system to address critical issues like this. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that every mother receives the support she deserves during this beautiful journey of motherhood.