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Bridging the Gap
Monday, May 13, 2024

During my visit to Albuko Health Center, I had a touching encounter that shed light on the challenges faced by laboring mothers. I met a mother in labor, surrounded by her family, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their newest family member. However, their excitement was tinged with worry as they expressed concerns about the difficult journey she would have to endure if she needed to be referred to Dessie Comprehensive Hospital due to labor complications. They vividly described the long and bumpy road she would have to travel, highlighting the hardships faced by mothers in such situations.

This experience underscores the importance of ACSIS's plans to initiate operative delivery services at Albuko Health Center, which is one of the implementation sites for the COPMOD program this year. This initiative aligns with our unwavering commitment to making quality healthcare more accessible and ensuring individuals don't face formidable challenges when seeking the care they deserve. By providing these essential services in Albuko, we strive to bridge gaps and improve access to critical medical care within the community.