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“They didn’t tell me anything”
Tuesday, January 16, 2024

I met Bezuayew at Bulga Health Center during our routine site visits. She came for her last antenatal care checkup before she was referred to a closer health center to give birth to her baby girl.

Bezuayew is a young mother, pregnant with her first baby. As she approached her ninth month, she expressed her excitement to finally hold her baby in her arms. However, despite having attended more than four follow-up sessions at Bulga Health Center, when I tried to assess her knowledge on danger signs during pregnancy and birth preparation, I realized that she was not fully informed. This lack of knowledge left her feeling anxious and unprepared for the big day.

It is crucial for health professionals to be well-trained and knowledgeable about providing comprehensive antenatal care to pregnant women. This includes not only monitoring the mother's physical health but also providing education on potential complications and birth preparation. By doing so, we can prevent harm to both the mother and child and ensure a positive and safe childbirth experience. Let us prioritize the implementation of effective antenatal care programs to support and empower mothers like her.