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“I saw a mother die”
Tuesday, January 16, 2024

I traveled to a beautiful town called Aleltu in the Northern Shoa Zone, Oromia region. There, I got to visit Miawa Health Center and met a brave pregnant mother with seven children.

The mother had only delivered the last two of her children in a health facility. She explained that initially, she didn’t feel it was necessary to visit a health facility since her mother as well as other women had safe deliveries at home. Then, I asked what changed her mind, and that was when she told me she witnessed a mother die during delivery at home. She then decided to seek proper follow-up during her last two pregnancies. She was able to deliver safely with the help of health professionals, thanks to the information and support she received from the health extension workers.

Witnessing another mother die during delivery was a tragic experience for her, but it ultimately led her to make a decision that ensured her own safety and that of her newborn child. It's a reminder of the importance of seeking proper medical care, even in situations where traditional practices might seem sufficient.