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Spoke training at Oromia 2 cohort
Tuesday, January 16, 2024

ACSIS Team led by Dr. Ishmael Shemsedin and Oromia region program coordinators, Dr. Bontu Abera and Dr. Abayneh Kedir, held a three day training (from February 6-8, 2023) at Bole Damat hotel Addis Ababa for hubs and spokes under Abebech Gobena hospital coach. We held the training on COPMOD concepts and tools for representatives from the coach, hubs, spokes and health bureau focal. Training was cascaded via face-to-face PowerPoint presentation. It was Interactive type of learning including brainstorming questions and practice questions with enough time given for discussion and presentation. Most of them were involved actively during practice exercises and presenting to the room and also Comments were given on each topic they present. They were attentive throughout the training and there was energizer as a means to facilitate attentive learning. Each topic was given per schedule and attendance and feedback questionnaire were collected per schedule.

Generally, it was a successful training session, from the preparation to final day though some obstacles were noted like late coming specially day one, and also spokes from one hub were not informed and some gap was there but somehow, we managed it effectively. We did interpret the feedback questionnaire and below are some of the inputs we get. Some quotes from the participants ◦ ‘’The training is very important to our setup ‘’ ◦ ‘’All parts of the training are interesting ‘’ ◦ ‘’Process Map and Kaizen are the most interesting parts ‘’ ◦ ‘’The training material is not complete and clear’’

The participants’ satisfaction was measured using the mean score. The mean score was calculated for 16 items from four categories including strongly disagree, disagree, agree and strongly agree to the positively guided questions. The mean score was 3.771, and those who scored mean and above are said to be satisfied and those below mean are said to be not satisfied. The total of 18 out of 30 participants (60%) scored above the mean satisfaction score. The minimum satisfaction score of the participant was 3.125 and the maximum was 4.