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Spoke training at Amhara 2 cohort
Tuesday, January 16, 2024

The COPMOD concepts and tools cascading training is the fundamental method utilized to disseminate the idea behind our COPMOD program to our hubs and spokes. The training has previously been given to selected SRH staff and hospital leadership as part of a training of trainers delivered to all coach hospitals in Addis Ababa, Grand Eliana Hotel. Furthermore, the customized version of the training was also conducted to cascade the concept to our hubs. This particular training is the third and final of these cascading trainings delivered for the 18 spokes under coach Dessie hospital.

The main objective of the training was to cascade the COPMOD concept to spoke health facilities in the Dessie cohort. This, we hope, will equip professionals in these institutions with the necessary knowledge and skill set needed for achieving the three main objectives of the COPMOD project. Namely, the improvement of timeliness of acute SRH care along with the implementation of person-centered care model and the enhancement of women’s ownership of their health through literacy and coproduction.

The training was a three days training delivered from February 1st to 3rd at Ayteyef Hotel, Dessie by Dr Ermias Abate, senior SRH expert, ACSIS and Dr Zekarias Seife, Amhara2 program officer, ACSIS. With a 98 percent attendance and overwhelmingly positive feedback, the training was a resounding success delivered in an engaging and captivating ambience.