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Spoke Training at Afar Cohort
Tuesday, January 16, 2024

A team from ACSIS embarked on a transformative journey to the Afar region, with the noble objective of imparting comprehensive knowledge on the COPDMOD project's theoretical concepts and practical implementation tools to spoke centers. The training was a resounding success, with healthcare professionals from spoke health centers in the region, including health center leaders and maternal and child health coordinators, privileged to partake in this enlightening session.

Our team firmly believes that empowering healthcare professionals with problem-solving tools is more beneficial than merely providing solutions to specific problems. This approach enables them to tackle any challenge that may arise with confidence and competence, thereby elevating the standard of healthcare delivery in the region.

In tandem with this training, our coach and Hub facilities presented data gleaned from previous training sessions to demonstrate how these cutting-edge tools can be effortlessly utilized for quality improvement projects. This insightful presentation showcased how these tools can be easily integrated into existing healthcare systems.

Overall, the training was an eye opener for healthcare professionals in the Afar region, providing them with the requisite knowledge and tools to implement transformative changes in their respective health centers. The ACSIS team was delighted to be a part of this transformative journey, and we remain committed to supporting healthcare professionals in the region in their quest to improve healthcare delivery.