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Our Products

Audio and Visual products

Our Audio and Visual products are designed to serve as essential learning and teaching materials for both health professionals and the community. They provide a valuable resource to showcase our work and initiatives in a manner that is easily understood and relatable. We prioritize the use of local languages to ensure that the content resonates with the community and creates a sense of familiarity. By incorporating the language spoken by local personnel, we aim to create an immersive learning experience that makes individuals feel like they are being taught by someone from their own community.To ensure widespread accessibility, we will make these materials available online. This means that anyone who is interested in accessing these resources can easily do so from anywhere.


Our products have been developed with a strong emphasis on incorporating the country's guidelines and the most up-to-date knowledge in highly prioritized areas. By aligning our content with national guidelines, we ensure that our applications are in line with the recommended practices and protocols, thereby promoting effective and evidence-based approaches.Furthermore, our recent products are specifically designed to empower women in the community and support health professionals in accessing information on sexual and reproductive health and rights. These resources play a vital role in increasing literacy and co-production within the community. By providing easily accessible and reliable information, we aim to reduce the prevalence of misinformation obtained through search engines. Our products are curated to deliver expert-proven information, giving individuals the confidence to make informed decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health.

Shop and Shades

Our product, Shop and Shades, consists of two components that aim to address the unique needs of women in the community. The shops focus on marketing and locally producing essential women's hygiene products, as well as pregnancy and delivery supplies. On the other hand, the shades specifically cater to adolescent girls and women within the community. These shades serve as dedicated spaces for social interaction and serve to bridge the gap between healthcare providers and the community. By bringing health centers closer to the community, they create a sense of accessibility and familiarity. The shades act as a platform for dialogue, support, and collaboration, fostering community engagement and support for women's health.

Decision Support Contact Center

Our Decision Support Contact Center is a cutting-edge virtual communication system that offers a range of features and services to support decision-making in healthcare. It serves as a versatile platform for real-time consultation and triage service, providing healthcare professionals and individuals with valuable tools to enhance their healthcare experience. Our Contact Center has multiple capacities, including professional-to-professional consultation, client counseling, appointment management, and health reminder voice and text messages.With its comprehensive capabilities, our Decision Support Contact Center plays a vital role in facilitating efficient communication, collaboration, and decision-making in healthcare. It empowers healthcare professionals and individuals alike, ensuring that they have access to the support and resources they need for informed healthcare decisions.