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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

In pursuit of promoting co-production of health, ACSIS has launched the Coproduction: By Mothers for Mothers (CoMoM), an initiative comprising of a diverse group of 5 local mothers within the COPMOD program hubs. The goal of this initiative is to increase sustainable sexual and reproductive health (SRH) service utilization by involving women and girls in planning, designing, delivering, and monitoring SRH care. The CoMoM training program, conducted over three days, began with an orientation session, designed to acquaint CoMoM members with their responsibilities and roles as community health leaders and introduce the CoMoM facility scorecard for SRH service quality evaluation.

As part of efforts towards holistic empowerment, the women were trained in entrepreneurship skills and financial bookkeeping to manage women's health marketing shops established in their respective hub institutions. The training also included a practical session on how to breach discussion points on sexual and reproductive health issues with relatable stories for the purpose of normalizing topics that are often traditionally deemed as taboos. Following this, the women will have opportunities for further specialized skill based training, aiming to empower them as leaders of positive change in their communities.